I am Stephan

Lasernet sage,Homelab enthusiast,Jack of all IT trades,Innovating Clouds - Service Transformer


Forms 95%
Modules 80%
AX Connector 75%
Scripting (JavaScript) 90%
Webservices(SOAP/REST) 65%


Compose 90%
Swarm 60%
Network 55%
Volumes 85%
Kubernetes 45%
About me

With over a decade of experience owning the Lasernet Output Management space and five years at the helm as a system administrator for Windows and Linux servers, I've led the charge on around 20 customer projects while providing top-notch troubleshooting and support for our active clients.

I've honed my skills in a plethora of cutting-edge technologies, from JavaScript, DNS, and Active Directory to D365 FO and CE, SAP print, AS400 print, Infor print, Azure Storage, and beyond. I've also delved into the world of Devops Project Management, SWIFT, DOCKER, NFS, DOCKER Compose, DOCKER Swarm, Azure AD, Azure Static Web Apps, and Wordpress.

In a nutshell, my extensive background in Lasernet Output Management and system administration, combined with my diverse skill set, including expertise in Devops Project Management and containerization technologies, has empowered me to deliver successful customer projects and provide unparalleled support to our clients.


Here are some offerings I've got in my toolkit

Lasernet Architekture

The Blueprint Maestro

Imagine your Lasernet system as a skyscraper in the digital skyline, and I'm the architect crafting its blueprint. My Lasernet Architecture service is all about designing a foundation that stands tall. I dive deep into the intricacies, creating a structural masterpiece that not only looks good but functions seamlessly. Your Lasernet setup deserves more than just lines of code – it deserves an architectural marvel.

Lasernet Developing

Crafting Workflow Symphonies

Step into the world where code isn't just lines; it's a symphony conducted by the Code Maestro. In Lasernet Developing, I navigate the intricate dance of data and operations, orchestrating a seamless flow. From backend brilliance to workflow wizardry, every line of code is a note, ensuring a harmonious performance. No frontend frills, just the raw power of coding expertise, crafting a Lasernet experience that's not just functional but a symphony of efficiency.

Lasernet Designing

Document Template Artisan

In the realm of Lasernet Designing, I'm not just crafting visuals; I'm an Artisan of Document Templates. Picture this – each template is not just a design; it's a canvas where information meets artistry. Fonts, layouts, and details are meticulously curated to transform your documents into masterpieces. Beyond aesthetics, it's about creating templates that tell a story, making every document not just functional but visually captivating. Welcome to the artistry of Lasernet Designing, where every template is a stroke of design brilliance.


Your Cloud, Your Rules - Crafted for Control and Collaboration

Welcome to a realm where cloud services are not just a destination but a tailored journey. Our Nextcloud service invites you to customize your cloud experience. From collaborative file sharing to powerful data control, we empower you to shape the cloud according to your needs. Embrace a new era of flexibility, security, and collaboration with Nextcloud at your command. Plus, revel in the autonomy of local hosting, ensuring your data stays within your grasp.


Fortify Your Digital Fortress with Password Brilliance

Elevate your security game with our Bitwarden expertise. Immerse yourself in the world of password brilliance, where our service crafts a personalized shield for your digital identity. From seamless vault management to robust encryption, we redefine password protection. Experience peace of mind as you navigate the digital landscape with Bitwarden by your side. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility of hosting Bitwarden locally for added security control.


Unleash the Power of Seamless Organization

Transform the chaos of paper into the simplicity of digital elegance with our Paperless-ngx implementation service. Watch as we orchestrate a symphony of organization, tagging, and OCR magic, turning your documents into a searchable masterpiece. Embrace efficiency and innovation in a tailored solution that defines the future of document management. Plus, experience the freedom of local hosting for enhanced privacy and control.










Here's the rundown on the projects I've crushed


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Empowering Success: Unveiling My Reseller Partnership with Formpipe

Exciting update! 🚀 I'm thrilled to announce my recent collaboration with Formpipe as their first freelancing reseller partner. Combining over a decade of technical expertise with Formpipe's cutting-edge solution Lasernet, this partnership is your key to simplified licensing and stress-free incident reporting. Discover how we're transforming your business – click the image above!